The joint UNESCO/Brock “Project for the Study of the Slave Trade and Slavery in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Indian Ocean” seeks to create and support the work of a network of multidisciplinary scholars and specialists studying various aspects of slavery and the slave trade in this part of the world. Open to academics, scholars, policy makers and community organizations, the project endeavors to mobilize and exchange knowledge throughout the international community in collaboration with UNESCO’s Slave Route Project. The project’s website will further serve as a mechanism for facilitating the dissemination of key findings and stimulating intercultural dialogue. It will also provide a focus for research on the impact of slavery and its legacies on modern societies throughout the world and, in particular, the regions of inquiry.

The aim is to:

  • Link scholars, research institutions and community organizations in a coordinated and collaborative way so as to document and establish historical contexts for the study of slavery and the slave trade in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Indian Ocean;
  • Contribute to research on the history of enslaved peoples worldwide;
  • Preserve memories and historic sites;
  • Support cultural and artistic expressions related to this history.